Winter Driving

Emma Williams


Winter Driving

From scorching summer days to below-zero winter nights, Iowa sees a full spectrum of seasons. When driving in winter weather conditions it is important to be cautious and aware to get where you need to be safely.

Charles City High School has hundreds of students driving to and from school, work, and activities every day. Typically, a student driver is more unsafe and reckless. Over the years there have been cases of cars rear-ending school busses, sliding through stop signs, and causing other preventable accidents. Although nobody is usually hurt in these accidents, it is important to follow the traffic laws which include: going the speed limit and obeying stop signs.

In the winter months it is even more important to follow all of the laws because of the ice, snow, and other distracting conditions that can occur. If there is ice or snow on the ground, start braking sooner and more gradually to avoid any sliding. Slamming on the brakes will only cause the car to lose control. In low visibility situations, like blizzards, drive slow and pull over if necessary. Most importantly, cold weather affects the way cars run, so make sure to give the car plenty of time to warm up before driving it. Going to a mechanic regularly can also assure nothing is wrong with any vehicles.

To have a fun and safe winter season, take care of vehicles and drive safely.

Top 3 Winter Driving Tips:

  • Be more cautious, brake sooner and always watch the road
  • Regularly check your car, start it ten minutes before you leave
  • Obey all traffic laws, each day of the year

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