New Year’s Resolution

Caroline Groesbeck

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are something that we try to do every year. They usually try to make us better, healthier people, or just break a bad habit. However, just because they are made, doesn’t mean that they are always kept. According to “New Year’s Resolution Statistics,” only 8% of people succeed in achieving their resolutions. Curious to how our school participated in New Year’s resolutions, a survey was sent out. Of the 65 responses received, 69.2% (45 responses) believed in New Year’s resolutions. Out of those same 65 responses, 75.4% (49) stated they would do a resolution this year.

With 62 responses taken, 38.7% (24) of students said they thought they would follow through with it, 29% (18) of students said they might do it for a month, while only 32.3% (20) students said no, they wouldn’t follow through.

Seeing the research, I asked two students if they believed in New Year’s resolutions, what they would do for one, and if they thought they would follow through with it. Dave Dejongoy, senior, said, “Yes, I believe in New Year’s resolutions. If I made one, I would try to be a nicer person. It’s hard to say if I’d follow through or not.” Cassidy Cook, sophomore, said, “I believe in them, but never do them. If I made one, it would be to worry less, and I probably wouldn’t follow through with it.” A question on the survey was “What do you think you will do?” One response stated, “I think I will try to lose some weight, but then find my cookies and Christmas leftovers and it all goes out the window.”

This data shows that, in Charles City High School, the majority of students believe in New Year’s resolutions, but little over a third of students actually finish them out. So this year, go for it. Make a commitment and stick with your resolutions. If the resolution was made, it was made for a reason. So make yourself better and follow through with it. Don’t stop because it’s hard or requires a bit of a sacrifice. Want for something better and achieve it.

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