Take My Stress

Theo Arndt

Senior, Malik Knighten has recently released his first single on Itunes, “Take My Stress”. When asking Knighten about all the work he’s put into this he had this to say “I write songs all the time. Many late nights and crumpled up papers have been part of the process when I’m writing. With Take My Stress the words came out easily and it made it real simple to create a catchy melody to go along with them.”.This is a huge accomplishment for anybody but for Knighten this a dream come true. He had this to say “Ever since I started writing I always had this vision to get one of my songs on Itunes like the great artist I listened to. If you asked me back when I started singing and writing my sophomore year I would’ve never guessed I would have a song out on Itunes and be in the process of putting many more out! It’s honestly a blessing.”

There are a lot of steps when it comes to getting a song published on Itunes and Knighten told us a little about that, “For me I simply write the song and record it. Once I’ve done that I send it to my buddy from Michigan who’s mad talented to master the track. He adds beats and different instrumentals to make the song complete. Once that is finished the song is sent to LA where my Social Media Management distributes it to Itunes and Spotify so it can be released.”

Knighten plans to continue striving to be a better artist each day and in the upcoming months releasing more singles on Itunes. When we asked about what his future holds he had this to say, “For me at this point in time I’m chasing a dream. I see a lot in my future if I keep working hard and loving what I do, which I do! More songs, more videos, more performances, and more excitement!”  

Accomplishing this is no easy task so make sure to take the time to congratulate our fellow classmate on his accomplishments and wish him luck in the future. Listening to Knightens music may even take the stress away from life.


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