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Adviser: Mrs. Davis 
Editor -in-Chief:  Mariah McKenzie 

Editor-Of Website: Christian Kreger

Newspaper Design and Layout: Mariah Mckenzie, 
Website Design and Layout: Christian Kreger, Maria Feller, Cassidy Sindt 

Photographer(s): Makenna Schmiedel, Aaron Motemayor, Cassie Foxen

Website Photographer: Maria Feller 
Writers: Carla Acosta, Cassidy Sindt, Maria Feller, Cassie Foxen, Cade Hemesath, Gillian King, Christian Kreger, Mariah Mckenzie, Aaron Montemayor, Sam Niichel, Makenna Schmiedel, Katie Schwicherath, Isaiah Tilton


The Spirit, Charles City High School
#1 Comet Drive
Charles City, Iowa 50616

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